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Container Desiccant & Cargo Dry Packs Usage in Logistics & Shipping Industry

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The Logistics and the Shipping industry is certainly on the very mature phase of the business world. There is constant growth that is coming forward in the future. The shipping and logistics industry has certainly displayed a very much concerted effort in order to improve the efficiency of operation. By delivering services and goods to different customers, the industry has certainly made a name for itself amongst bigger as well as smaller companies as well.

There is no doubt about the fact that the shipping industry provides world class-goods and services to the people who are in the need for it. However, when it comes to shipping, there are some issues with the moisture in them. This is one of the most important reasons why people use desiccant packs and container desiccantsin order to control the moisture environment in these containers.

Well, this article is going to provide all the details that the people might need to know about the desiccant bags for shipping containers. These desiccant bags for shipping containers help in keeping the containers dry and hence are a very important component for the shipping industry. This article will provide an insight into the use of moisture bags for the containers, the problems related to the container desiccant bags, and how to solve the problems that come in the container with the shipping container desiccant.

Understanding The Different Types of Shipping

The Shipping and Logistics industry is responsible for the supply of goods and services to the people who are in the need for it. However, there are different methods by which shipping works. This article decides how there are many different types of shipping.

  • Freight Shipping: This is one of the methods of shipping where the goods are loaded into the trucks and ships and moved from one place to another one. This particular method is basically used in order to transport the goods in a large and bulk amount. This method of shipping is particularly useful when people have more amounts of goods to transport from one place to another. The heavy shipments and unusual ones are the goods that are taken by the freight shipping method. 

  • Container Shipping: When it comes to container shipping, there is not really much explanation that is required for this particular method. Whether it is an item or more than one products, they are filled up in containers and then moved from one particular location to another one.

These containers are always pretty standardized and hence will be able to fit all the ships very easily. These containers are also pretty stackable as well. For the shipping of the goods, the container shipping method is pretty cost-effective. More than one company that uses the ship will be able to split the cost and hence provide cost-effective measures for shipping. This is one of the main reasons why the companies those container shipping as the main shipping process.

However, very often it happens that the moisture problems in the containers of the shipping tend to have a lot of moisture in it. As a result, the product or the item that is being shipped in the container might lose its quality and reach the customer in the worst shape. For that reason, most of the companies choose to have the container dry bags that contain moisture absorber in order to prevent the formation of moisture.

  • Cargo Shipping: This is another one of the methods that are used in the shipping industry. Another very popular shipping type, the cargo shipping is basically the transportation of any form of bulky goods or cargo. It could be any product. The container shipping also comes under cargo shipping. There are some moisture issues with cargo shipping as well.

The dry packs could be either hanging desiccant bags or the non-hanging ones. It is important that the companies know about these different types of shipping because these will be a great help to them for sure.

Step By Step Process For Container And Cargo Shipping

Different countries these days have products delivered to them with the help of shipments. So, it is important for the people to know about the entire process that works with the container shipment as well. Here in this article, we are going to discuss the container shipping process in detail. This will also help the companies to understand how moisture comes in these containers and how moisture absorbers for shipping containers can help in the eradication of the moisture.

A company that is low on any particular product places an order of a certain amount to the company that supplies the product. The selling company contacts that shipping company in order to notify them about the shipment of the goods.

  • A loading truck comes by the selling company in order to pick up the orders. Apart from that, the truck also has different orders from other companies as well. The container remains shut with a seal and is not really opened until the truck reaches the destination.
  • The several documents that are required for the shipment of the vehicle are submitted and the shipment is now all set to be loaded onto the ship.
  • After the loading of the shipment is complete the container will be properly bound for safety.
  • The destination government receives a notification from the ship captain telling them about the arrival of the ship just a few days before the actual arrival of the ship.
  • The ship gets the clearance that is required in order to enter the port and the cargo containers are then taken off the ship with the help of the cranes.
  • There are many workers that help with the process as well. They work right there at the ship until all the products and goods are safely loaded into the different trucks that will go to the different countries.

Now due to the containment of moisture in these containers, there can be many problems. For example, the quality of the product can degrade heavily. As a result, the companies always use the moisture absorber container. These bags have got silica gel for shipping containers and they help in the absorption of the moisture. In order to know more about the container moisture absorber, read ahead.

Different Problems With Cargo And Containers

We all know that moisture is one of the problems that surface when there is the question of shipping. This is the reason why most people tend to use the dry bag desiccant in order to solve the moisture problems. However, there are some other problems as well that come to mind when it comes to shipping. Well, apart from that desiccant bag uses and the problems related to them, here are some of the other problems that come with the container shipping.


The communication that happens between businesses and the customers are a problem for sure. The lack of communication is something that the people need to look into. There are tracking updates available in the market of today and the customers need to have an idea about everything for sure. In such cases, lack of communication can be a very big problem.


The security of the shipment is another essential component of shipping which is certainly very important. There are many stages that the shipment has to go through. Lack of security can be a problem for sure.

On-Time Delivery

The expectations are really high for the delivery of the items. Customers always expect the products to be delivered exactly on time. Same day deliveries are some of the best ones for sure. So, this is another challenge for the shipping companies.

Space And Capacity

The spaces for the shipments are experiencing a growth day by day. So, with the increase in volume, the capacity might decrease. This can be a pretty big problem for companies.

So, now you know that there are many different options rather than just the moisture problems in the shipment containers.

Damages To The Shipment During Cargo And Container Shipping

We all know that container shipping is a very common process of shipping. Most companies that go for container shipping always use the moisture absorbing packets. These moisture-removing packets do exactly as mentioned. They help in the removal of the moisture. However, there are some other reasons that can cause damage during transportation. The cargo damage report is provided to the companies in order to how the shipment is damaged. Apart from shipping container moisture control, there are some other things that need to be considered. Hence it is important to see the different reasons for cargo damage. Let us have a look.

Physical Damage And Reasons

One of the most common types of damage that happen to cargo is physical damage. It is the type of damage that happens when the shipment is dropped or broken. The motion of the ocean is a very important reason why the container physical damage happens in the first place. The ocean motion causes the ship to pitch and roll which results in the breaking of stuff.

Wet Damage And Reasons

Another one of the most common forms of damage to the container shipment is the wet damage. Wet damage can be caused due to many important reasons. For example, the moisture in the container, condensation and rain can be very important reasons. The companies recommend using the storage unit moisture absorber in order to keep the cargo dry.

There are many examples of silica gel for shipping containers that use it in order to prevent the moisture. The container moisture absorber is certainly a very useful product.

It is important for people to know about the moisture absorbing packets in order to know how to prevent moisture.

If you truly want to know how to prevent cargo damage, this is something that you need to do for sure. The moisture absorber container is a must.

This is one of the main reasons why people use container desiccant bags and moisture absorber in containers.

Contamination Damage And Reasons

A very common form of damage would have to be the contamination damage. It is the type of damage that is caused by the cargo is particularly contaminated.

Most of the delicate forms of cargo such as coffee, cotton, clothes and other products are more prone to contamination. Let us provide you with an example. Say you choose a container for cotton shipping. However, when the container reaches the customer, it has a smell. It is because the container was used for transporting other chemicals.

It is important to use dry cargo ships in order to limit the contamination damage. Here too, the use of container moisture absorber is a must.

Reefer Related Damage And Reasons

The reefer-related damage can be caused due to the decaying of the products. This is also a very common method of damage for sure. Most of the time the moisture is the reason for the decay. Also, the rise in temperature and other reasons are also very particular.

The companies recommend using the desiccant for moisture control for the prevention of the moisture.

Infestation damage is another kind that is caused due to the infestation of the cargo.

These are some problems with damage during transport. The desiccant bags uses can help with such problems.

Wet And Contamination Damage Preventative Measure

When it comes to prevention of wet and contamination damage, it is clear that the use of the anti-moisture packets is the best way to do that. These desiccants are perfect for the control of moisture and the prevention of damage in the different types of cargo transportation.

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