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Container desiccant dry packs are specially formulated desiccant packs made from natural clay minerals with gelling polymers. Clay minerals have a high surface area and high water absorption and hence can absorb moisture in the air. They can firmly hold the water molecules within the pore inside the clay. They have high adsorption capacity, particularly at high relative humidity conditions. They have natural mineral composition and are non-hazardous, non-toxic, and can be disposed of as normal waste. They are also very easy to use in various forms.

Container desiccant dry packs can be used in containers that are used in sea transportation, air transportation, railway transportation, and truck transportation. The dry packs keep the dew point temperature in the containers lower than the environment temperature on the outside. They successfully avoid condensation of moisture and mildew caused by temperature violent changes. It is used in safeguarding textiles, leather goods, shoes, furniture, food products, grains, feeds, pet food, canned goods, and bottled products. It is also used to protect industrial products such as auto parts, machinery, metal products, paper, and cardboard boxes.

Container desiccant dry packs absorb up to 70% of its own weight in moisture which is very efficient. They have high humidity adsorption properties. They are specially designed to effectively protect the goods against rust, corrosion, mildew, and other moisture and humidity damage during transport over longer periods of time. We offer a range of dry packs that can be used in the coir industry, textile industry & leather industry. The dry packs are manufactured by our skilled workers using the best quality materials. They are affordable and available at competitive prices in the market.

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