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How to Choose the Best Shipping Container Desiccant Solution

Friday, Aug 12, 2022
Desiccant Pouches

When planning to use the best shipping container desiccant solution for your goods, you should clear some grounds before jumping to the purchasing part. The factor you should check must include the appropriate size and design of the desiccant bags that perfectly suit your requirement. While shipping, it is also crucial to determine the exact amount of moisture absorber your product will require. Ultimately, everything depends on the type of cargo you choose and the mode of transportation you choose.

How To Consider Future Problems?

You must consider the future situation and the problem it might cause you. What happens in the container is that after some time, the temperature within the shipping container increases and at this stage, the trapped air absorbs the moisture. But when the temperature within the container decreases, the moisture turns into condensation, and air cannot retain the moisture at this stage.

The best advice would be to better understand your desiccant bags before fixing them. The following are key factors to keep in mind-

? How to make the sensitivity of cargo containers to adapt the moisture

? Ways to ensure the safety of cargo and the product for the entire journey.

? Various methods for the accommodation of modes of transport.

? An alert team and drill should be ready to handle the extreme temperature fluctuation. This avoids the panic situation.

? A guarantee to absorb all the excess moisture content.

What Is The Desiccant Process of Removing Moisture?

The different industries require different desiccant solutions that suit their circumstances and needs. Suppose we talk about the agriculture industry, like storing and shipping spices, seeds, sugar, pulses, and grains. They are organic products and are very sensitive to moisture and the environment where they are placed. Because of their critical condition, they require extra care and planning. The desiccants used in the industrial sector are different. The industrial industry manufactures and ships aluminium, canned items, electronic appliances, etc. These items are prone to rust and therefore need special attention in the drying and storage processes. 

There are different types of desiccant available for different modes of transportation-

? Large Shipping containers

? Short-distance -haul trucks

? In-the-box application 

Why Different Desiccant Solutions for Various Shipping Containers?

Various kinds of products are transported in the cargo shipping container. These products need proper protective measures and safeguards against all kinds of damage caused by moisture. It is important to be prepared for the moisture damage situation because, in the long journey, the temperature is bound to fluctuate at extreme ranges. In this situation, it is crucial to choose the most appropriate shipping container and determine the optimum quantity of required moisture absorber desiccant.

Where to Determine Your Desiccant Requirements?

The scientific approach to determining the requirement of your desiccant is by obtaining the optimal ratio of the desiccant. It is important to be precise about how much quantity you need because it both sufficiently protects the cargo and reduces waste. Much free software is available online to calculate the optimal ratio before the transaction. It provides you with the ideal number of desiccant bags you will require for your transportation and storage.

Why Choose Sorbead?

In our laboratories, we practise strict procedures of product testing and trials of various hypotheses to come up with the best solutions that will perfectly suit your condition. All our desiccants packets have passed the humidity chamber test and independent verification.

Sorbead desiccant bag solution is manufactured to fulfil all your storage safety requirement because the desiccant bags have the following qualities-

? Passed through hydrostatic pressure

? Endured tensile strength test

? Resisted all kinds of water pressure 

? Measure seal strength of desiccant bags.

We have gained years of experience in manufacturing and transporting desiccants across the globe. Along with experience, we have highly relevant insights supported by the latest innovation and experimentation. With our success, we got access to important knowledge on various regions and their climate. This further helps us to relate their influences on each other. All these factors are behind our trusted shipping container for a desiccant solution.