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Electronics Manufacturing and Distribution

Electronics Manufacturing and Distribution- Desiccant Packs, The Best Moisture-Adsorbing Solution To Protect Sensitive Components From Rust And Corrosion

Desiccant packs are used in the electronics manufacturing and distribution industry during cargo or shipping to control moisture exposure and prevent products from forming rust or mold. They are generally packaged in bags made of materials like Tyvek and other natural materials made from specific chemical compounds such as silica gel, calcium chloride, activated charcoal, or bentonite clay, and can absorb over 300% of its weight.

Since electronic products are highly susceptible to varying moisture and humidity levels during packaging, storage and longer durations of transportation inside cargo and shipping containers, they should be protected from the detrimental factors such as the growth of mold, mildew, formation of rust, corrosion, and microorganisms by using Cargo Dry Pak.

Desiccant bags are non-toxic and essential in extending the longevity of packaged electronics and the absorbent material used, so understanding the appropriate usage of these bags is necessary. The largest users of desiccants are the industrial, pharmaceutical, and electronic components packaging industries to safeguard their efficient products from damage and spoilage during long transits.

The electronics industry uses a variety of desiccant packs to protect sensitive components from moisture damage during production, storage, and shipping. Some of them are as follows.

Silica Gel is a highly effective sustainable material great at absorbing moisture which is up to 40% of its weight, is versatile to use with different products, and is non-toxic, regernable, and reusable after drying.

Clay Desiccants are found in granular or powdered form, usually contained in woven or paper pouches, are cost-effective, good for moderate moisture absorption in packaging and shipping containers, and safe for use and contact with most electronics.

Molecular Sieves are typically packaged in Tyvek or metalized pouches. Molecular sieves are able to absorb very specific gases and molecules, including water vapor, at very low temperatures and in very high humidity.

Activated Alumina desiccants have excellent adsorbent properties for water vapor and other polar molecules, and are also regenerable for reuse multiple times.

Moisture corrodes electronic parts, especially metal parts. Sorbipak Container Desiccants soak up excess moisture, preventing corrosion and keeping sensitive electronic parts in good condition. Moisture can negatively impact the texture, stability, and efficiency of the electronic parts and circuits.

Delamination of circuit boards and electronic assemblies can be caused by moisture making them unfit for use or damage to efficient electronic parts. Optical components, such as lenses and sensors, are sensitive to moisture, which can degrade their performance. The role of container desiccants in reducing the moisture content in packaging during transport is critical during transport and shipping.

Electronic devices and components are often subjected to stringent reliability standards. By using desiccant packs, manufacturers and distributors can enhance the reliability of their products by minimizing the impact of moisture-related issues and helping maintain or enhance the electronic device’s shelf life and efficiency.

Many electronics manufacturers need to adhere to specific and stringent industry standards that mandate moisture control during the shipping and storage of these important parts and devices. By using Silica gel desiccants you can provide a cost-effective solution to meet these standards and ensure compliance with quality requirements.

Desiccants help prevent moisture absorption and subsequent damage to the components on
  • PCBs,
  • sensitive semiconductor components, including microchips and integrated circuits, products with optical components, such as cameras, lenses, and sensors, items like smartphones, tablets, and laptops,
  • electronics used in medical equipment, such as diagnostic devices and monitoring systems,
  • components used in networking equipment, communication devices, and infrastructure,
  • automotive electronic components in vehicles, including control units, sensors, and entertainment systems,
  • electronics used in industrial automation and control systems,
  • LED displays and lighting systems,
  • electronic components used in aerospace applications, such as avionics and communication systems,
  • individual electronic components, such as resistors, capacitors, and connectors, ensuring the integrity of electronic connections.

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