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Desiccant Pouches

Desiccant Pouches

SorbiPak Desiccant pouches are available in two forms - indicating and non-indicating silica gel packets, and offer superior moisture control during cargo shipping and storage. These high quality desiccants are made from silicon dioxide material and come in durable packaging, providing an affordable and sustainable moisture absorbing solution across different industries.

SorbiPak silica gel desiccant pouches contain a highly porous structure and exhibit a high absorption capacity, that can effectively prevent mold, mildew, fungus, microorganisms, rust, and corrosion from forming inside your cargo.

They are odorless and non-toxic, and thus suitable for all industries, including food and pharmaceuticals. The desiccant material can be used multiple times and regenerated through heat, making it a sustainable and environmentally friendly option for maintaining product quality during transportation.

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Check out our premium, eco-friendly, sustainable, and industry compliant desiccant packets, pouches, and strips.

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