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Choosing Right Desiccant – Protected from Moisture Damage

Monday, Jun 13, 2022
Desiccant Pouches

Moisture can be your worst enemy of yours and your precious things. No matter what environment you are in, moisture is present everywhere. They may not severely cause you every time, but there are some crucial situations when you need to care for this moisture. It is important to protect yourself and your precious belongings from moisture. If you wonder about this problem, the desiccants play an essential role in withdrawing moisture.

What are desiccants?

Desiccants are a material that absorbs and absorbs moisture or the tiny molecules of water from the surface placed in the surrounding environment. It eventually reduces the moisture level. Desiccants are available in dry bags, desiccant packets, sachets, or moisture absorbers.

Why do you need one?

Many products get easily damaged or oxidized because of the humid environment. The moisture trapped in the surroundings degrades almost all types of material, like clothes, electronics, food, and even medicine. The desiccants are used in these commodities' packaging, storage, and transportation to prevent these damages.

How do desiccants work?

Desiccants reduce the moisture present in the environment, lowering the loss of damaged items. The bigger desiccants are used to protect items shipped in containers. Desiccants in the container lower the moisture in the container and secure all the goods and packaging from high humidity that causes different types of damage to goods. Often, container desiccants can replace the need for in-box protection.

Different types of desiccants

Different types of items need different types of desiccants to remove the moisture. For example, food items release their moisture into the environment. The electronics are sensitive to warm and tropical areas and require special care. The material from which the clothes are made also determines the degree of moisture damage. So, it is important to know the reason for moisture and how it causes damage to your goods.

The most common desiccant types are:

  • Silica gel desiccant: It is the most popular drying method to reduce moisture from any environment. It is also instantly effective and readily available. Silica gel is a tough synthetic material that is a porous form of silicon dioxide. You can buy them in various sizes of packets depending on your need.
  • Natural clay desiccant- The naturally occurring clay is first mined and activated. To activate the absorbing nature of clay, it is carefully dried to remove all the moisture and hence becomes a useful absorbent of moisture. This method is effective only when the temperature has to be below 49 Celsius. The clay pack can absorb 30-40% of the moisture.
  •  Calcium chloride- It is a combination of carbonate and HCl, which is very reactive and absorbs all kinds of gas and moisture. The only drawback is that it does not work with Ethanol and Ammonia. Calcium chloride is also used as a dehydrating element in alcohol, Calcium Fortier, desiccants, and many more.
  • Volatile/Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors -These are substances that gradually release a corrosion prevention mixture that protects the surface of the metal. VCI is often used in conditions where it is impossible to take the help of rust preventive solutions or apply other surface treatments for the damage that has been caused.

What are the benefits of desiccants?

  • Traps the moisture and further eradicates the root of moisture damage
  • Have a wide range of application
  • Easy to install and very adaptable
  • Cost-effective methods
  • Most of the methods are sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Have the solution that suits best to you

The correct solution to protect yourself and your items from moisture do not depend on a single factor, but one has to work on various factors. And what's more important is how they react to each other. By understanding the nature of the material and the surrounding environment, you can choose the best solution!

We understand the unique moisture situation and the damage that can result. And therefore, it can fix the problem by providing the best-practice solution. We are working on improving our service and how to provide you with the best service. The most suitable moisture prevention solution is founded on the constant modification and acceptance of advancing science. Choose us. Choose sustainably.