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Cargo Desiccant Bag

Desiccants are the saviours in the packaging and shipping industry. A shipping journey that could last for days can cause condensation inside the containers and spoil the products. Merchandise, goods and commodities that are sensitive against moisture require effective protection and care. This is where Cargo Dry Pak, an exclusively formulated desiccant comes into play. Cargo dry pak is specially designed for ocean, truck, rail & air shipping containers in keeping the packages items humid-free.

A Cargo desiccant dehumidifier packet protects cargo from the damaging effects of moisture during shipping and transport.
Cargo safe desiccants are specially designed for ocean, truck, rail & air shipping containers in keeping the package items humid-free

Temperature Changes- The Main Cause for Moisture

Shipments take days, weeks or even months to reach their destination hence can be affected by condensation. Packaging and shipping companies must take effective steps to keep the goods and commodities safe from moisture. Failure to do so can even lead to huge and unbearable losses. This rise in moisture level happens due to the dynamic climatic conditions of the sea lane. These temperature changes will lead to moisture build-up and condensation inside the containers.

What is Container Rain or Cargo Sweat?

As the shipping containers are made up of metal, the temperature inside them can significantly vary when compared to the external temperature. This can cool down the container’s outer surface to a level above the dew point of the air inside the container. Hence the air stops to contain the moisture and drops down as vapours inside known as container rain or cargo sweat. This condensation can cause a huge loss as it completely damages the goods in the shipping containers. Other than this, moisture-related damage in shipping can also occur if the containers aren’t sealed properly. Packaging and shipping companies must have to take care of these factors to keep the goods safe and moisture-free.

How Does Cargo Desiccant Bag Work?

Cargo dry pak are peculiarly designed desiccants to keep goods and commodities fresh and moisture-free. It is formed using bentonite clay, calcium chloride and starch. Of these components, calcium chloride plays a vital role as it allows the desiccant to last for days which is an important feature required for shipping journeys. Cargo dry pak can last for over 50 days doing its job by absorbing moisture from the package and not releasing it back. Containers create an enclosed environment that aids in oxidation causing moisture-related damages such as mildew, mould, rust, fungus and corrosion.

Cargo Dry Pak is available in two sizes, namely:

  • 500 gm. Cargo Dry Pak: - It can be placed on pallets or products. Best used for cartons, packages and crates.
  • 1500 gm. Cargo Dry Pak: - It comes with a hook, hence can be hung on the sidewall of the container.
  • Comfortable Ways to Use Desiccant - Cargo Bag

    Using cargo dry pak is no big deal. The desiccants should be hung inside the walls of the container by keeping a distance of 5 to 10 cm between the desiccants and the commodities. It is important to leave this safe distance (5 to 10 cm) as the desiccants can absorb moisture and grow in size. The surface of the desiccant is left open for better absorption. After hanging all the desiccants, make sure to close the containers’ door tightly.

    Outstanding Features of Safe Cargo Desiccants

    • Effective absorption- Cargo dry pak can absorb up to 200% of its weight in moisture.
    • Environmentally-friendly- Disposing of these desiccants doesn’t require special attention or care. It can be discarded just like normal trash.
    • Non-Toxic- Extremely safe to use as it contains no harmful chemicals.
    • USFDA Approved- Cargo dry pak is USFDA approved hence safe to use for pharmaceutical and food sectors,
    • Long-Lasting Performance- The calcium chloride component in this desiccant will work for over 50 days.
    • Effortless to use- One has to simply hang these desiccants inside the container walls. That's it and these desiccants are all set to protect your goods from humidity.
    • Advantages of Using Cargo Desiccant Packets

      • Ship goods without the threat of "Container Rain" or "Cargo Sweat
      • Inhibits the formation of mould, mildew and prevents rust and corrosion
      • Environmentally safe and can be disposed of as normal waste
      • Cargo Dry Pak contains calcined clay, which has proven ability to absorb the moisture from the air aggressively
      • A specially formulated gelling agent mixed with calcium chloride makes the adsorbed moisture turn into gel form
      • There is no liquid or risk of leakage or leaching of moisture
      • Provides 50 days or more moisture protection
      • Ship goods without the threat of container rain.
      • Environment friendly, non-toxic and can be disposed of as a normal waste (ROHS Certified)
      • Industry We Serve Cargo Safe Desiccants

        • Food Processing Companies
        • Heavy Equipment Manufacturers
        • Agricultural Sector
        • Textile Sector
        • Leather sector
        • Food Processing Companies
        • Electronic Systems Sector
        • Metals & Mining Industry
        • Pharma companies
        • Automotive Manufacturing industry
        • Export with Ease Desiccant Dehumidifier Packets

          Cargo Dry Pak are simple to use but highly effective in moisture absorption. A must-have for the packaging and shipping industry while transporting their goods, be it via road, rail, air or ocean.

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