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Moisture Absorbers for Shipping Containers During Transit of Goods.

During long transit, the freight containers go through diverse climatic zones. This drives to the increase of moisture in containers, which consequently ends in condensation wherein water droplets form on the walls of the containers. This is known as container rain. Humidity and moisture settle in destroying the cargo by encouraging mildew, mould, and fungus formation. This, in the least, alters the quality of the products and even worse it ruins the entire load, costing the business a huge amount.

So, if your goods go through long transits, you may have confronted this hurdle too. This is a condition that must be tended with immense urgency as it costs much more than what meets the eye.

Container Desiccant bags 125GM SORBIPAKS & 500GM CONTAINER STRIPS
Container Desiccants 125gm SorbiPaks & 500gm Strips are utilized to guard products against the moisture inside a shipping container.

The damaged cargo containers bring customer dissatisfaction, which subsequently loses customers. However, several other secondary costs often get overlooked. The time and efforts spent in planning and preparing for that shipment get wasted too. If the quality of the stocks gets affected it leaves a trail of adverse effects for the brand reputation.

Sorbead container desiccant safeguards & retain the quality of your products in transit and your valuable cargo from the corrupting effects of moisture, such as container rain which forms in cargo vessels during long transitions.

Container rain is the most regularly occurring phenomenon that happens due to temperature changes when the vessels pass through distinctive climatic zones. This directs to dampening the cargo and supporting the growth of moulds and mildew and eventually leading to cargo loss. Shipping container desiccants are utilised to guard products against the moisture inside a shipping container. We use two different kinds of container desiccants: 125gm sorbipak and 500gm sorbipak. The active ingredient for both categories is calcium chloride. Calcium chloride desiccants are favourable to the environment and to those who use the products. It has an exceptional capability to consume moisture from the surrounding air.

Container Desiccant Bags - Protective Shield Against Moisture

While stocking products in your boxes & vessels, the only obstacle faced is moisture while sea transport. Sorbipak Container Desiccants of 125gm & 500 gm provide you with a protective shield against the collection of condensation.

We provide one of the most comprehensive and diversified spectrums of container desiccants and procured a noble clientele in various business domains like pharmaceutical industry, agro & food industry, electronics, chemicals and engineering, textile and garment industry for more than 25 years with effective moisture solutions using our cutting-edge technology. We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company founded in 1996, created the high-quality material of container desiccants and supplied it across India and other countries. Sorbipak is tested under all temperatures and humidity variances & fluctuations.

Container desiccants are one of the most efficient resolutions for container rain. Globally trusted by manufacturers and distributors throughout the world, container desiccants assist maintain the performance of the goods, barring them from deterioration. They consume moisture from the container and assure the moisture does not condense.

Various types of container desiccants have their individual properties, which define their capacity. When it comes to container rain, not only should the container desiccants aggressively absorb moisture but also they must constantly be able to control the optimal levels during the transit period. The pak must be extra robust to bear the more intricate environment and efficiently block the degradation of cargo during long transits.

In addition to being highly efficient and more competent for large-scale application, one of the purposes as to why desiccants play an ideal choice for manufacturers and distributors against container rain in transits is their affordability. Container desiccants are highly cost-effective, which adds to their appeal even among small and medium-sized business owners. To that, its application doesn’t need any additional fittings or arrangements. The cargo desiccants that are designed specifically to cater to the transit requirements have unique packaging that expedites its smooth installation and application in the container.

Sorbipak is a favoured and trusted method to exporters due to its quality and exceptional services.

Our internal technical support team will discover your interests and obstacles, if any, faced during the shipment and will guide or advise you with the best solution and quantity to protect your shipment. Our internal quality control assurance team guarantees that each product manufactured is tested for its efficacy or performance and robust quality.

In addition to all the pros, as a responsible brand that strives for a sustainable future, one of the things we take absolute pride in is that our container desiccants are environment-friendly with no toxic materials. They can be easily disposed of with other industrial waste. They are very safe to be used with food and consumer-grade products.

Features of Container Desiccant Bags

  • The container desiccants end the moisture damage, container sweat, container rain while sea transport.
  • It inhibits the formation of mould, mildew, fungus, insects, rust & corrosion.
  • The Sorbipak container desiccants are environment friendly, reach compliant as well as non-toxic
  • Sorbipaks are non-harmful, stable, sturdy and simple to use
  • The sorbipak are available in 125gm & 500 gm packs.
  • Protection for ocean, truck, rail and air shipping containers
  • It provides more than 60 days of protection
  • Adsorption capacity above 300% of its weight
  • No risk of leakage or leaching of moisture
Desiccant Pounches