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DESICCANT PAK is a dedicated industry in the field of desiccants Presented by SORBEAD INDIA. It is one of the leading suppliers of desiccants in the Country. Sorbead has served in this sector for more than two decades and is renowned for its premium quality and product purity. The company is persistent in providing customer satisfaction.

SORBEAD INDIA has joint ventures with a range of leading industries, recognized for product consistency, excellent management, and world-class operational performance. Our desiccants are supplied to distribution centers in Canada and Europe. Having built up a high degree of trust with the rest of the world, we plan to expand to other countries and continents in the future.

We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company established in 1996, and we are the manufacturers of high-quality container desiccants. Our products are screened under all temperatures and humidity variances. We provide the best quality products at affordable prices.

About Mr. Rajesh Galgalikar

Entrepreneur Mr. Rajesh Galgalikar founded Sorbead India. With a humble start in 1996, the industry nurtured and has flourished under his guidance. He is specialized in Chemistry at the Indian Institute of Science. Guided by his passion for Chemistry and Chemical Industry, he single-handedly developed Sorbead India from the base. The manufacturing unit is located in Vadodara, Gujarat.

About Our Team

A strong organization is made up of a committed team. The Sorbead Team is one of a kind. Sorbead India has an expert panel of design professionals, technicians, and engineers working closely together to produce new and innovative products that meet the needs of a wide range of industries. Our staffs continue with a strong understanding of the goods of our business partners and expressing their values. We're working on creative technology for future needs. In this ever-changing world, customer demand has become more fragmented and constantly shifting. The challenge facing the company is to keep pace with the needs of the world. Our team works diligently to develop innovative products and services that meet and exceeds customer demands.

Our team continuously delivers products and services to our customers to help them succeed in their new ventures or projects. The width of what we have on offer begins with Needs Analysis, drawing up customized products. Delivery schedules for each client and the ability to deliver to multiple locations as required. We believe in the enduring future of value creation.

Why Do You Choose Us?

  • We deliver premium quality products to you.
  • We believe in "Seeing is trusting." We provide free samples for bulk orders.
  • Error-free and quick delivery to meet your needs.
  • We have a very quality team that is specialized in this field.
  • Immediate assistance
  • We are striving for a sustainable future.

What differentiates us from our competitors is our service, customer service, after-sale service, or delivery service. Our focus is on the unarticulated needs of our customers.

Expand of Our Work

Sorbead India provides an Economical and long-lasting solution to the humidity problems. Our company supply desiccants to Industries like Automobile, Aerospace and Aviation, Agriculture, Computers, Textile, Engineering, Leather, Handicraft, Jewellery, Defence Industry, Electronics and Electrical Items, Food and Beverages, Medicine, Ayurveda and Pharmaceuticals, Chemical Industry, Medical Instruments, Packaging Industry, and Shipping and Storage. We process our products and distribute them both domestically and throughout the world. In addition, we are official distributors to Desiccare Inc. for desiccants.

Our Products

We are specialized in our production of Desiccants which mainly deals with the removal of humidity. Our products work on the principle of Adsorption, prolong the shelf life of the product, and are made up of accurate composition and purity.

Our products like Cargo dry paks, SorbiPaks, and Silica gel packets are mainly used to inhibit the formation of mold, mildew, rust, and corrosion to keep your container moisture-free while shipping and storage.

Our desiccants are very economical. You may not realize its value in a short time, but the desiccant safeguards your products or containers and helps smooth the processes. It has proven to help various industries.

We Take Care of the Future

Sorbead India is constantly working to develop sustainable and more environment-friendly products. Every single component of 3Rs inspires the products. Most of our products are reusable and are inspired by perfection.

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