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Silica Gel Packets for Moisture Absorbing

Our Sorbipaks are silica gel packets that can be used to protect products from moisture. Moisture is a serious maltreater that can cause irreversible damage to goods and commodities. Silica gel packets are available in two forms- indicating and non-indicating silica gel. Though they are available in various colours, the most common ones are white, blue and orange. Sorbipaks are widely available in granular or beaded forms for various purposes.

Moisture present in the air can settle down on the surface of goods and commodities. Due to the temperature change, this moisture that settled on the surface can convert into liquid and seep inside the packaged products This liquid can initiate a chemical reaction and damage the goods completely. Minimising the moisture content on the surface of the product is the only way to curb this problem. Using silica gel packets inside the packaged goods will lead to absorption of moisture and longer life of the products.

Silica gel moisture absorbing packets. They come in 1g, 2g, 5g, and various sizes and hence can be suitable for various products.
Desiccant silica gel sachets 5gm used inside the packaged goods will lead to absorption of moisture and longer life of the products.

This super-performing silica gel packet offers amazing protection against moisture, mould and other kinds of moisture damages. Sorbipaks are superior quality desiccants that come in durable packaging. It is highly cost-effective as it can be reactivated. They come in various sizes and hence can be suitable for a variety of products.

How Does Silica Gel Sachets work?

Silica gel is made of silicon dioxide. Being the primary component, it has a major role in absorbing moisture from the atmosphere. Silica gel has numerous tiny pores that easily absorbs moisture and holds in. It has the potential to reduce the relative humidity of space by 40 per cent.

Features of Sorbipaks Silica Gel Packets

  • Long-lasting
  • Super absorption capacity
  • Odourless
  • Economical
  • No chemical reaction
  • Non- toxic and DMF free
  • Food and Pharma Grade
  • Suitable in all Industries
  • LThe available sizes of Sorbipaks are: 0.5gm, 1gm, 2gm, 5gm, 10gm, 25gm, 50gm, 100gm, 200gm, & 1kg also available in custom size

    Benefits of Desiccant Silica Gel Sachets

    Sorbipaks silica gel packets effectively remove moisture and protect the goods from damage. The formation of moulds and odours are some of the major moisture-related damage. Silica gel packets have superb absorption capacity and contain millions of pores that allow holding the moisture for long.

    Applications of Silica Gel Sachets

    Silica gel packets are versatile and can be used for absorbing moisture from various ranges of products.

    Pharmaceutical industry

    Being non-toxic and safe, silica gel packets are widely used in the pharmaceutical industry. Silica gel enhances the shelf life of pharmaceutical products that come packed in containers or bottles.

    Electric transformer

    The superb moisture absorbing capacity of silica gel can be used by the power generation industry to protect the transformer from moisture content. It can act as a dehydrating breather which keeps the oil moisture-free for long.

    Camera equipment

    Humid conditions can cause the camera to form fog inside the lens. This problem is avoidable by using silica gel packets.

    Footwear Industry

    Silica gel packets are a saviour in the footwear industry. It aids in the effective storage of footwear products for a longer period without the formation of mould or affecting its quality due to moisture content.

    Gas Chromatography

    Silica gel has highly efficient thermodynamics hence it is used as a refrigerant during the gas chromatography process.

    How to Reactivate Silica Gel?

    Once the silica gel becomes saturated, it needs to be reactivated. This process is called silica gel regeneration or reactivation. Regenerating silica gel is no big task. Sorbipaks silica gel packets can be regenerated by heating them at 250°F for about 1-2 hours. But this is not considered to be an economical method as it takes a lot of time. The most reasonable and easy method to regenerate silica gel is by using the microwave oven.

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