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Why Choose Container Desiccant Hanging Strip for Storage and Packaging?

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When you want to protect your valuables and essential cargo against the damaging ill effects of moisture, dust, humidity, corrosion, and mold, you need to implement a larger, more efficient, and suitable adsorbent solution that can help keep the contents of the shipping container clean and dry for longer periods of time.

Container desiccant hanging strip bags can help customize the amount of desiccant adsorbent material that is needed as per the container size, its contents, and the environmental conditions pertaining to the container area. This is important as using high-quality adsorbent material for storage and packaging of goods and products inside the container as the presence of moisture can damage the quality, texture, and potency of the products, and make them non-usable.

The use of container desiccant strips is essential for a variety of products that are susceptible to moisture, including but not limited to food, electronics, pharmaceutical products, medicines, and more. These strips are designed to adsorb moisture from the surrounding air and are composed of a highly porous material such as silica gel or clay, that can efficiently adsorb or attract the moisture or water molecules and separate them from air to make it clean and dry.

When the adsorbent material adsorbs moisture, it expands and may change color, which means the gel is saturated with moisture content and is working efficiently. Desiccant hanging strips are simple to install and can be used in any closed container setting, including shipping containers, warehouses, and storage closets. These long desiccant bags are also a very affordable, solution for moisture protection.

Why choose a container desiccant hanging strip for storage and packaging?

The main advantage of container desiccant strip is that they can absorb a lot of moisture. They provide an excellent barrier against any moisture and condensation that may form in the container when storing sensitive products for longer periods of time, helping to prevent mold, mildew, and corrosion.

This is especially important for products that are prone to moisture, like electronics, medical devices, medical kits, pharmaceuticals, medicines, and food products. By keeping the container environment dry, these strips help to protect the cargo from damage and spoilage by preserving its quality and integrity.

When dealing with perishable goods, container desiccants are the best suitable solution to damage caused by moisture and humidity changes in the environment, as they are highly sensitive and susceptible to these conditions that can deteriorate their texture, quality, and potency if proper care is not taken during storage and transportation.

The presence of moisture and changes in humidity levels can greatly influence the shelf-life of the packaged products, and thus it is essential to maintain proper and optimum levels of moisture, and humidity levels inside the container, for extended periods of travel and transportation time. When you use high-adsorbent desiccant material inside the containers, you can maintain these levels efficiently to extend the shelf-life of the products contained.

Metal machinery and parts are highly susceptible to weather and humidity level changes, and can be damaged such as corrosion and failure of important parts and devices due to build-up of moisture and condensation levels inside the shipping container.

Mold and mildew can grow and cause serious damage to clothing and textile materials, due to the presence of water and moisture levels, and lead to deterioration of textile materials, and wear and tear at higher levels. So always use desiccant moisture absorber bags inside your shipping containers to protect against these ill effects of moisture.

Tips and steps to use desiccant bag strips for your container

It is important to first understand and choose the best suitable desiccant bag type for your container needs, according to the environment conditions and moisture content that is present. Many products are designed for different humidity levels, so choose the one that works best for you.

The amount of desiccant material and bag you need will depend on the size of the shipping container, the type of goods you are storing, and the relative humidity levels of the environment where the container will be stored. You can also use a desiccant calculator to determine the amount of desiccant you need.

Clean and prep the container before loading the contents to ensure a clean, dust-free, and moisture-free environment. Also, make sure that the packages are well-sealed and have no damage. Proper sealing of the container with airtight sealing is important to prevent external moisture from entering.

You can hang or attach the container desiccant hanging strip inside the container by strategically placing them to adsorb moisture efficiently. Make sure the strips are hanging farther from the container walls and cargo for optimal air circulation and moisture retention. You can use multiple hanging strips to maintain optimum moisture levels and dry environment inside the container.

Regularly check the desiccant bag strips during the shipment, for saturation and replacement. This will make sure optimum moisture levels are maintained throughout the container journey.

Make sure you buy the container desiccant hanging strip from a trusted and well-established manufacturer, as this will ensure high-quality products and better efficiency in storing container products for longer. 

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