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Container Desiccants - Protection Against Cargo Sweat and Container Rain

Thursday, Jan 30, 2020
Desiccant Pouches

Temperature changes, as well as fluctuating climatic conditions, can result in the build-up of moisture and the formation of mold and mildew that causes rust on metal, discoloration or peeling product labels and degrade the quality of products. These destructive results stem from extreme climatic changes that occur along shipping routes and include fluctuations in temperature and humidity.

Moisture damage mainly occurs in the form of condensation that develops in the air space inside the shipping container spoiling the contents in the container. Moreover, humid air trapped inside containers or certain hygroscopic items such as wooden pallets can intensify the moisture development inside the container. This type of irreversible damage caused by cargo sweat and container rain leads to wastage of products in huge amounts and incurs the loss of millions of dollars in escalated shipping and materials costs.

Container condensation occurs when the skin of the container is cooled to a temperature below the “dew point” of the air inside the container, causing water droplets to form on the inside walls and roof, which may run down the walls or “rain” onto the top of the cargo.

Cargo sweating occurs when the surface of the cargo is cooler than the dew point of the air outside the container causing water droplets to form (condense) on the cooler areas of the cargo itself.

 Container desiccants are best at managing moisture damage for long hours of transportation. They are specifically developed to combat condensation during long transportation durations via air, sea, or land. These desiccants contain a clay compound capable of absorbing up to half their weight in moisture and get activated whenever the dew point is reached and condensation starts to form inside the shipping container.

Sorbead India is the global supplier of Cargo Dry Pak is one such container desiccant that is specially designed for providing complete moisture protection for more than 50 days. These desiccants are designed to adsorb 100% moisture of its density as it is a mixture of clay desiccant and calcium chloride that control humidity inside the container through continuously absorbing the moisture from the enclosed air.

Cargo Dry Pak is USFDA approved CFR21 compliant container desiccant. It provides protection against moisture for more than 50 days and can be disposed of as normal waste and hence eco-friendly to use.