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Desiccants for your agricultural products and for their moisture-free transportation

Friday, Feb 24, 2023
Desiccant Pouches

Agriculture is one of the largest sectors in India and several other countries worldwide. The agriculture sector also faces the risk of its products getting damaged due to improper packaging and shipment. 

During transportation, there are high chances of the products getting damaged due to increased humidity and mildew inside the cargo. For food products, preservation from moisture and humidity becomes very important. However, a certain amount of moisture is valid for food products, but excess moisture can affect their quality and integrity. Here we need the cargo desiccant bags to eliminate the risk of moisture and humidity.

Moisture also causes condensation problems in storage containers, but such issues can be eliminated when loaded with cargo desiccant bags. Condensation is caused due to temperature changes during transportation from one place to another. The humidity inside the container should be very low to prevent this condensation problem. Therefore, the cargo desiccant bags can help it to do so. 

Cargo Desiccant Bags for Agriculture Sector:

The moisture absorber bags for the agriculture sector absorb moisture from the air and preserve the inside content, such as agricultural products, from getting spoiled. This will also decrease the growth of food waste. Agricultural products, including seeds, pulses, grains, spices, etc., are adversely affected by moisture and humidity. 

The one in all solution helps to protect the agricultural seeds and other products from moisture by controlling the relative humidity levels inside the container. The moisture absorber bags also eliminate the problem of spoilage, sogginess, insect growth, and rancidity. 

The cargo desiccant bags can be hung or stuck inside the container to control the humidity level. The moisture absorber bags for the agriculture sector can absorb over 100% moisture of their weight. Therefore, desiccants are the saviour of agricultural products. 

Cargo Dry Pak is available in two sizes:

  • 500 gm. Cargo Dry Pak: - It can be placed on pallets or products. Best used for cartons, packages and crates.
  • 1500 gm. Cargo Dry Pak: - It comes with a hook, hence can be hung on the sidewall of the container.