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Why CDP Is A Highly Effective Material For Absorbing Moisture From The Surrounding Air?

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When it comes to using desiccants on a large scale, desiccant packs are a great idea to deal with handling large amounts of humidity or moisture problems and find their usage in cargo containers and transport vehicles as they do a fantastic job in keeping the problems caused by moisture at bay, literally.

This is why you should consider using cargo desiccant packs to help maintain the perfect temperature, moisture, and humidity settings for longer periods of time. Desiccant packs can last you for more than 50 days, which means they are great for longer cargo journeys, will aid in oxidation in the container setting, and help avoid any moisture-related damages such as mildew, mold, rust, fungus, or corrosion from spoiling your cargo contents.

But, why CDP is a highly effective material for absorbing moisture from the surrounding air? Let us learn how cargo desiccant packs can provide a foolproof way to absorb moisture from surrounding air and help safeguard your cargo contents for longer.  In cargo desiccant packs, calcium chloride plays a vital role in absorbing moisture from the surrounding air in the cargo containers, primarily due to its hygroscopic properties, which make it an excellent desiccant for large cargo needs.

In a large cargo setting, merchandise, goods, food items, and commodities that are sensitive to moisture require proper protection from moisture and humidity, and thus calcium chloride is used as it is a highly hygroscopic material, meaning it has a strong affinity for water molecules/moisture/humidity. When exposed to humid air, it readily attracts and absorbs moisture from the surrounding environment to fight the effects of condensation.

Calcium chloride being the main ingredient in CDPs, can help prevent the formation of frost or ice in cold environments or used in any cargo requirements demanding low-temperature applications. This is because calcium chloride absorbs water, and undergoes an exothermic reaction, releasing heat in the process.

Calcium chloride has a high water absorption capacity compared to its weight. Its structure is highly porous in nature. A desiccant’s pores allow moisture molecules to pass through and trap moisture. Calcium chloride is highly effective at reducing the humidity in the air. This is important for protecting products from moisture damage during transport and storage.

CDP desiccants that are made from calcium chloride are used in applications according to the preferred shape and size, such as pellets/flakes/beads/powders that are made with different materials such as silica gel, carbon, or clay, that can be used in various other applications like chromatography, etc. 

CDPs are highly efficient when used in large volumes and thus can be used in many packaging and container applications that are part of a wide range of industries, such as freight, food/electronics preserving, container transportation, and pharmaceuticals, which handle large volumes of products frequently, that is why you should buy desiccants.  The CDPs are also used in a variety of transport modes, including ocean transport, rail trucks, and air shipping containers, making it an all-round choice for anything shipping.

Calcium chloride (CaCl) desiccants are used to effectively combat/absorb high humidity levels in large surface area applications, such as in shipping containers or warehouses. These adsorbing desiccants are typically placed within the space to effectively absorb moisture from the atmosphere reduce the risk of any moisture-related damage to products and materials, and prevention of rusting. CDPs are a great way to save space with large desiccant packs that can be hung in container cells efficiently.

Calcium chloride desiccants have a high capacity to absorb moisture and humid air properties, making them suitable for use in such environments with metal parts. By adsorbing moisture they help maintain a dry and regulated atmosphere inside the container. This helps improve the product integrity and quality and greatly reduces the potential risk of mold & mildew, and prevent corrosion. It can help extend the shelf life of items stored in large environments.

One of the best things about cargo dryer packs is that they are renewable in nature. That means that once they’ve dried out, they can be used again. The process of regenerating a cargo dryer is simple and easy to perform. All you have to do is heat the dryer packs at a high temperature, in an oven setting, and the moisture evaporates away, allowing the container desiccant to return to its original condition, this way you are also helping the environment by reducing waste.

It also serves to be cost-effective to keep dryer packs in good working condition for multiple uses by renewing them and helping with the prevention of rusting. By using CDP dryers, you’re not only saving money, but you’re also helping the environment by reducing waste and landfills with metal parts.

Container desiccant is usually safe to use in most situations and even in a home setting, but it's important to use it with caution to avoid it irritating your skin and eyes. But, overall they are very safe to use in cargo containers and do not react to any products including food products, other delicate electronics, etc. Regenerating cargo dryers don't release any bad chemicals into the air, making them safe for human contact too.

Cargo shipments can take very long durations in transit, from days, weeks, or even months to reach their destination, hence CDPs can help prevent corrosion, and protect the contents, that are susceptible to being affected by condensation. For many such reasons, you should use cargo desiccant bags for your container needs as CDP is a highly effective material for absorbing moisture from the surrounding air. Always make sure to buy desiccants from a reputable source to make sure the quality is not compromised.

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