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Using Desiccants for industrial products ( Cargo desiccants) to Protect and Safeguard Against Detrimental Factors

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  • Using Desiccants for industrial products ( Cargo desiccants) to Protect and Safeguard Against Detrimental Factors

High-absorbent cargo desiccants are essential for protecting industrial products during shipping and cargo settings, especially for extended transit times. By reducing the risk of moisture damage, cargo desiccants protect a wide variety of industrial goods, such as agricultural produce, furniture, auto components, pet supplies, textiles, and other packaged boxes containing devices, machinery and parts, etc. High absorbent Desiccants for industrial products ( Cargo desiccants) ensure that the cargo contents remain undamaged by high humidity, moisture, or other harmful conditions during rail, ocean, or air shipments.

Cargo desiccants also prevent the growth of mold, mildew, and corrosion, which is common during long transits due to varying environmental conditions, the presence of excess moisture or humidity levels, and container rain, keeping shipped products in good condition. Because cargo desiccants adsorb large amounts of moisture over a long period of time, they play an important role in maintaining optimum levels of container dryness and moisture-related damage prevention in the shipping industry.

Moisture absorber desiccant bags used for industrial products

Cargo desiccants prevent mold, mildew, and corrosion by absorbing moisture and preventing condensation in containers. Choosing the right desiccant depends on cargo needs. Because cargo desiccants adsorb large amounts of moisture over a long period, they play an important role in container dryness and moisture-related damage prevention in the shipping industry.

Silica gel desiccant is the type of desiccant material that is the most used in cargo and shipments to protect and safeguard high-quality industrial products from the detrimental factors of excess moisture, humidity, heat, dust, vapor, and other contaminants. They are mainly composed of silicon dioxide, and have a high affinity towards water molecules, making them effective in controlling moisture levels and container rain inside the cargo packaging industrial products.

It's an ideal moisture prevention solution for electronics, machinery, and other sensitive materials, as it can effectively soak up moisture without damaging the surroundings or the packaging. Cargo dry pak is a desiccant product that lowers the dew point in shipping and storage containers to protect the cargo from any kind of moisture damage for 60 days or more.

Various industrial products that use cargo desiccants

Cargo desiccants play a crucial role in preserving the quality and integrity of various industrial products during shipping and transportation even during unexpected delays and long transit times. Let us see a list of industrial products that are safeguarded by using the suitable cargo desiccant.

Electrical and electronic components

Since moisture, vapor, water, and humidity can greatly damage electrical and electronic devices and equipment, it is essential to protect and safeguard them from these detrimental factors. Their sensitive circuits and components have zero tolerance for moisture, water, vapor, and humidity, and even a tiny droplet can lead to short circuits, corrosion, and malfunction of the sensitive parts, components, and circuits. 

By using cargo desiccants, especially silica gel, or molecular sieve types, you can efficiently maintain an optimum storage environment for these essential and critical components like circuit boards, sensors, and delicate electronic instruments during transit.

Textiles and apparel packaging

When fabrics and clothing come into contact with moisture or varying levels of humidity during transportation, it can cause mold growth, degradation of the material, and a musty smell that can cause the textile and fabric to rot. Clay Tyvek dryer packs or silica gel are often used to keep textiles clean and fresh, avoiding issues such as discoloration or mildew. Using cargo dryers ensures that your products remain protected from high humidity, moisture, and other harmful effects during extended transit times.

Automotive parts and sensitive machinery

When it comes to storing, packaging, and transporting sensitive machinery parts, automotive, and automobile parts, it is essential to protect them from the ill effects of moisture and humidity, as they are highly susceptible to damage, degradation, rust, and corrosion due to these factors. Desiccants like calcium chloride are effective in safeguarding metal parts during shipping.

Food, FMCG, and agricultural products

In humid conditions, food and agricultural products can easily develop mold, rot, and even become infested with pests. Cargo desiccants are especially useful for food products that are sensitive to moisture. Typical packaged food products like spices, grains, FMCG products, and dry goods can benefit from the protection of a cargo desiccant. By protecting these items from clumping and spoilage, as well as from bacterial growth, they remain safe to eat upon arrival. They absorb excess moisture and the ethylene gas that occurs during ripening. This helps extend shelf life and preserve freshness.

Industrial raw materials and chemicals

Chemicals and raw materials are highly susceptible to high or varying moisture and humidity levels in industrial processes. Most commonly, molecular sieves are used to maintain the properties of these substances and prevent undesirable reactions during transport or cargo shipping for longer durations. Chemical shipments require careful monitoring to prevent incidents and contamination.


Container rain, which is condensation that builds up on the walls of containers, can cause undesirable reactions or harm sensitive chemicals. Molecular sieves, on the other hand, have specific gas absorption capabilities that allow them to selectively remove moisture and harmful VOCs during transportation.

Handicrafts, jewelry, and art items

Cultural artifacts, sculptures, jewelry, accessories, handicraft items, and artworks are usually delicate and vulnerable to environmental factors. Cargo desiccants, such as those made of activated carbon, regulate moisture levels and guard against damage to assist in maintaining the integrity and quality of these goods until they reach the destination and end consumers.

Leather goods

Ready-made leather goods, products, and raw materials are highly susceptible to moisture and humidity levels, and excess moisture can lead to textural, structural, and quality damage to leather products. They can catch mold and make the product unfit for use. You can use desiccants for industrial products (Cargo desiccants) to ensure they are packaged, stored, and transported safely for longer durations effectively.

Cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and personal care products

Cargo desiccants help prevent moisture-sensitive ingredients from clumping, spoiling, or changing product consistency during transport. Cosmetics and personal care items such as creams and lotions, as well as powders, are often moisture-sensitive and highly susceptible to damage due to varying climatic conditions or cargo transport durations. Pharmaceutical products such as pharmaceuticals, vaccines, and medical equipment are also subject to strict environmental compliances, and regulations that need to be followed to keep the products potent throughout their shelf life. The cargo desiccants help ensure these products arrive at their destination in perfect condition, free of moisture-related degradation or contamination.

At Desiccant Pak, you can choose from a variety of desiccants for industrial products (Cargo desiccants) as per your industrial needs and specific products. We are globally acclaimed desiccant manufacturers that provide sustainable packaging solutions. 

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