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Cargo Dry Packs ensure the safety of the Shipping Products

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In an era of the internet, the shipping process plays a very important role. Through internet users can purchase products from all over the world. And it is the responsibility of the service providers to deliver the product without tampering the condition to the customers. Such deliveries may take days, weeks or even months in some rare occasions. How can the safety of the products be ensured? Well, in most cases cargo dry packs are used for safety concerns. Water or moisture can have an impact inside the container and thus can damage the products. But these dry packs save the products not only from moisture, from heat, pollution, etc.

The use of cargo dry bag is increasing in the shipping business. These packs are mainly used for maintaining the condition of the product from moisture. The best part of these bags is that it can carry almost all kinds of products and work well on all kinds of transports like planes, trains, boats, trucks, etc. Cargo dry packs can protect all types of products like agricultural products, chemical products, metals, health foods, medicines everything. At the time of manufacturing these bags, special care is taken so that these can stay unchanged inside the containers for days.

The dry pack can absorb 100% moisture of its own density. While inside the container, this pack can maintain its form for 50 days at a stretch and can protect the inside product no matter what that is. Another feature of the dry pack is that it is eco-friendly which means after use when this pack is disposed of, it doesn’t cause any harm to nature. Dry packs come with two different sizes and types. Those two types are 500gm Tyvek bag and 1500gm Sewn cloth bag. The latter can be hung inside the container. Cargo packs are extremely functional to absorb water. It is a tested fact that a single dry pack can remove moisture from a 20” container very effectively.

Following are some advantages of cargo dry pack:

  • It can deliver products without the risk of ‘container rain’.
  • This pack helps to diminish the formation of mold, corrosion, mildew inside the container.
  • It can absorb moisture similar to its weight.
  • This pack can be used for 50 days at a stretch and can protect from moisture.
  • These cargo dry packs are environment-friendly. Once the usage is done, it can be disposed of safely.
  • This pack can carry all kinds of products like textile products, food products, medicines, chemicals, furniture, grains, pet foods, bottled products, canned foods everything.
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