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Using High Quality Food Grade Packaging Material - Desiccants For Your Products

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To preserve and maintain the quality of high quality food products, it is essential to use proper food safe materials and high quality food grade packaging material - desiccants. These adsorbent packets are a great option to preserve the freshness, texture, taste, and smell of the food products. Consumers always look for fresh and potent products that have high quality ingredients, and thus by using desiccants with your food grade packaging material, you are making sure that the product reaches its consumers in its best form.

Desiccant materials work by absorbing moisture from the environment, preventing the growth of mold, bacteria, and other microorganisms that can spoil food and food products. This type of moisture control is especially important for dry fruits, nuts, and baked goods that are susceptible to high levels of humidity. By controlling the level of moisture in the packaging, dry products can last longer, reduce food wastage, and improve consumer satisfaction.

Desiccants also help to prevent food spoilage and contamination. When food packaging has too much moisture content or humidity levels in it, there is a higher chance of food spoilage due to the growth of microbial activity. By keeping the environment dry, a desiccant helps to prevent this from happening as harmful microorganisms can produce toxins and thus make the food products unsafe for consumption. 

Why should you use desiccant as food grade packaging material for your products?

Along with preserving the product quality and extending the shelf life of your food products, desiccants are also affordable, non-toxic, and long-lasting options to be used for safeguarding your food products. You should definitely use desiccants with your high quality food grade packaging material for these reasons.

Maintain optimum moisture and humidity levels

In your food packaging, changing levels of moisture and humidity can damage and spoil your potent food products. The presence of excess moisture becomes a breeding ground for the growth of mold, microorganisms, etc. that can lead to compromised food quality, and even make it unfit for consumption.

Due to their high adsorbent properties, silica gel desiccants can help safeguard the freshness and integrity of the packaged items, by maintaining an optimal moisture level and humidity conditions in the packaging. This is common during food packaging, storage, and transportation, and thus needs to be addressed.

Extended shelf life of products

By using food-grade absorbent material packaging when storing, packaging, and transporting food products, you are essentially extending or maintaining their shelf life. Food products stay fresh and in good quality for longer periods of time. It can help extend the shelf life of many food products such as meats, bakery items, dried fruits and flowers, spices, and snacks, and confectioneries.

The lesser moisture content in the packaging reduces the environment beneficial for microbial growth or unnecessary chemical reactions, maintaining the nutritional value, taste, and texture characteristics of packaged goods for a prolonged period of time.

Prevents oxidation in food products

Desiccants also help prevent oxidation, which can cause oils and fats to become rancid. By controlling the oxygen levels inside the packaging, they help preserve the taste and quality of products that are prone to oxidation, like snacks, nuts, and certain oils. If there is excess oxidation inside the packaging, it can lead to damage to the food integrity and texture and make it unfit for consumption, thus desiccant packs can help maintain optimum levels needed during food storage and packaging.

Maintains food safety and quality

Desiccants keep the environment dry, preventing the growth of dangerous microorganisms that can contaminate food and cause spoilage. This helps to reduce the risk of foodborne illnesses, that can easily affect your health, and ensures that the consumers receive high-quality and safe edible products.

When you want to safeguard and maintain the texture, smell, and taste of packaged food by avoiding moisture-induced changes that can alter the sensory experience of the food, you can use high quality food grade packaging material - desiccants. The quality of food needs to be maintained in its efficient condition during packaging, storage, and transportation to make sure it stays fresh throughout its shelf life.

Versatility and ease of use

Desiccant pack come in a variety of forms like sachets, packets, strips, and pouches. They are suitable for a wide range of packaging requirements and product types, and can be easily incorporated into a variety of packaging options, such as sealed containers, flexible pouches, and rigid box packaging making it a versatile option to consider for your high quality food grade packaging.

Desiccants are simple and easy to use by just incorporating them into your food packaging requirements. They can be placed directly into packaging or integrated into packaging materials, such as desiccant pouches inside bigger container packaging. No matter the size of food packaging, desiccant packs can easily be incorporated to adsorb excess moisture content and humidity levels effectively.

Compliant with all food grade regulations

When using desiccants with food products, they need to follow and be compliant with many stringent regulations to make sure they are non-toxic, inert, and safe for use with food items. Desiccants are often formulated and certified to comply with food-grade regulations. Not only does this demonstrate a dedication to product safety, but it also increases consumer confidence in the packaged food’s quality and safety.

Since desiccants are intended for food contact must be manufactured from food-grade materials that are non-toxic, inert, and do not impart any undesirable odors or flavors to the food. The desiccant material should be compliant with many well-accredited regulations such as FDA and EFSA to make sure they are safe to use along with food items. Silica gel is a commonly used desiccant that is considered safe for food contact. It is generally regarded as safe by the FDA and meets all the food safety standards in various regions.

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