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Using Desiccant Solution for Export Of Whole Spices (Khade Masala) During Long Transits And Storage

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  • Using Desiccant Solution for Export Of Whole Spices (Khade Masala) During Long Transits And Storage

Spices are highly sensitive food edibles and need to be safeguarded well against any kind of detrimental factors such as moisture or humidity levels that are very common during storage, packaging, and transportation of these dried food items for longer transit times of export across sea, borders, and oceans.

Spices play an important role in the food industry and in global trade. To maintain export quality products, spices need to maintain high quality and freshness. Any excess or varying levels of moisture or humidity levels can greatly impact the quality, freshness, and texture of whole spices, thus it is essential to use a suitable and efficient desiccant solution for export of whole spices (khade masala).

They can provide suitable protection and safeguard the potency, texture, freshness, and efficiency of the whole spices through long durations of transit and storage in shipping containers. Silica gel-based desiccant packs absorb moisture, keep conditions dry, and extend the shelf life of food products.

Top benefits of using Desiccant packs for spice export

The use of desiccant packs in spice export provides several advantages that help preserve spice quality and freshness during long transit and storage periods. Silica gel-based desiccant packs absorb moisture, which helps to prevent spoilage, mold formation, and clumping of products such as spices, dried fruits, and packaged goods.

Extending and maintaining shelf life

Desiccant packs can greatly help in extending the shelf life of whole spices during transit, storage, and packaging. They can efficiently adsorb high amounts of moisture and humidity to keep the contents of the shipping container dry and clean which is optimum for spice storage. This can also lead to maintaining optimum and enhancing their quality and shelf life as they can effectively fight detrimental factors such as the growth of mold, mildew, microorganisms, etc that can damage the product quality of whole spices (khade masala).

Preventing the growth of mold and spoilage

The presence of excess or varying moisture and humidity levels can lead to the formation of mold, mildew, and growth of microorganisms inside the whole spices packaging and storage as wet environments become a breeding ground for such damage-causing bacteria. By efficiently adsorbing and trapping the moisture inside the desiccant packet, these moisture desiccant solutions help keep the export of whole spices away from spoilage and damage throughout transit.

Maintaining aroma, texture, and flavor

When it comes to packaging and storing export quality whole spices (khade masala) it is essential to maintain and preserve all their important characteristics and properties such as freshness, texture, smell, flavor, crispness, aroma, etc. Spices are known for their unique properties and thus it is essential to maintain them at their peak to maintain this quality throughout the export duration.

Affordable and sustainable desiccant solution for export

Desiccant solution for export of whole spices (khade masala) is also a very affordable and sustainable solution as they are made of eco-friendly materials and Tyvek packaging that are sustainable materials and some desiccant pack varieties that use Silica gel can be regenerated and reused multiple times making it both sustainable and affordable.

5 tips for choosing the right desiccant pack for spices export

- Pick the right size: It is essential to choose the right size of desiccant pack based on the size of the spice container or packaging. A general guideline is to use a desiccant pack that is around 1/4 the size of the spice container to ensure proper airflow and moisture absorption.

- Leave room for airflow: Leave some space at the top of the container to allow for proper airflow. This will help keep the spices fresh and prevent them from drying out or developing mold. Make sure the dry pack integrates well with your spice packaging, keeping moisture out while actively absorbing moisture in.

- Store in a cool and dark place: Spices and seasoning herbs can be easily damaged by excessive heat and light conditions, which can reduce their potency, freshness, efficiency, and taste. Thus, make sure the spice packaging stored in the container during export is maintained cool and dark, away from direct and too much sunlight and heat.

- Make sure that the desiccant pack meets all the necessary industry standards and compliances and is safe to use with food items. This is especially important in spice export, where quality and safety requirements are of the utmost importance in the export industry. You need to choose desiccant packs that are certified by the USFDA and meet the specific requirements of the industry.

- Depending on the mode of transport, the environment during transit can vary in terms of temperature and humidity. Therefore, it is important to select desiccant packs that are designed to work well under the expected climatic conditions. Some types of desiccants are specially designed to perform well in extreme temperatures, providing consistent protection no matter what the outside conditions are.

Types of compatible and compliant desiccant packets for spice export

There are a variety of available desiccant solutions for export of whole spices (khade masala) that can be effectively used to protect them during long transit times and storage.

Silica Gel: Silica gel is a popular choice and widely used desiccant material for spice export due to its very high moisture-absorbing capabilities and its non-toxic and odorless properties.

Molecular Sieve: Molecular sieve is another effective desiccant material that can be used for spice export and longer duration during export and transoceanic transits.

Calcium Chloride: Calcium chloride is a desiccant that can be used for spice export, but it may cause corrosion in metal containers, so it should not be used for storing spices in metal containers.

Desiccant packs, such as silica gel, are an essential tool for safeguarding the quality and freshness of spices during export and long transits. By absorbing moisture, desiccant packs prevent spoilage, mold growth, and clumping, ensuring that spices remain fresh and palatable. The benefits of using desiccant packs for spice export are numerous, including extending shelf life, enhancing flavor, and preventing caking. 

We are the leading manufacturers and suppliers of high-quality Silica gel desiccant solutions for export of whole spices (khade masala) that can effectively safeguard them from detrimental factors and enhance their shelf life.

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